Collection: Custom Teabag

All custom orders must be paid in full before work can begin. 

Ordering a Custom Teabag. 

1. Contact the artist at or through website chat, Facebook/Instagram messenger. 

2. Once the requested piece of art is agreed upon, you will be asked to submit your photos to

3. All items must be paid in full before work can begin on creating your one-of-a-kind Teabag. 

Come back to this page and select the item(s) and add them to the cart. Once the order is paid for and received, work will begin.

Once the item is complete. You will receive notification and a photo can be provided. Your item will be shipped to the "Ship to" address on the order. or if you chose pickup. We will contact you with pickup instructions. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are providing your own teabags for your custom piece. Not all teabags can be painted on. The artist may decide to use a usable teabag canvas and attach your tag to the piece. 

NOTE # 2If you are telling the artist to “use his best judgment or your interpretation” that is what he is going to do. It’s best if you provide reference photos or drawing so you get exactly what you want. 

Note # 3 most custom pieces can be completed in two weeks. (Sometimes less) Keith needs an exact date to complete your piece. Whenever is not a date. 

Thank you!