Glass Slipper on Pillow

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Original Hand Painted Matted Stash Teabag.

This is an Original one of a kind hand painted recycled Stash brand teabag.

Features A Glass Slipper resting on a Pillow with a stylized Clock in the background striking Midnight.

 I use recycled teabags as my canvas by first drying them out, then cutting them open to remove the contents.

I then wash and re-dry the teabag then hand paint directly onto the surface of the teabag using watercolor paints.

To assist you in the displaying of this unique work of art, I have matted the teabag to make it fit perfectly into an 8"x10" frame.

This would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

This would be especially awesome for a Disney fan, Cinderella Fan, Wedding gift, Recital gift.

Thank you very much for visiting my store!

Have a Magical Day!

Keith @ArtworkbyKeithRenard