Perfect Iced Tea

Many people have commented

“Wow, you must drink a lot of Tea”? yes, we do!

This is my recipe that we use to make 12 teabags for Keith artwork and a gallon of iced tea. Enjoy!

Perfect Iced Tea

Large Stock pot enough to hold 12 cups of water

12 cups tap water

12 Teabags (We use Lipton)

5 additional cups of cold filtered water (can also use tap water)

½ Cup Sugar (Optional)

¼ Cut Lemon (Optional)

Gallon jug


Put 12 cups tap water in a stockpot and put on high heat till steam starts to form on the top.

Remove from heat and place the 12 teabags and let steep for 10-15 minutes. (We preserve the tags so they don’t get wet, you can cut the tags off if you choose)

Remove teabags from hot water and place in bowl with 5 cups of filtered cold water

Place Sugar and Lemon in the stockpot and let dissolve.


We carefully remove teabags from water and place on a plate with paper towel and allow too completely dry. (You can discard the teabags)

Once tea is cool, pour tea from the stockpot and the 5 cups filtered water, into a gallon jug.

Place in the refrigerator for up to a week.